Fire crews battle warehouse blaze in Saskatoon

Firefighters in Saskatoon are battling a large fire at a warehouse Friday evening.
Fire crews are battling a large blaze at a Canadian Tire warehouse in Saskatoon housing tires and oil. 1:55
Metal warehouse is acting as an oven, as tires and oil create extremely hot flames. (Madeline Kotzer/CBC)
Firefighters in Saskatoon are battling a large blaze at a warehouse Friday evening. 
Crews responded to 105th Street East at about 4 p.m. CST after reports of flames coming from the building. 

A CBC News reporter on scene says the building is a Canadian Tire warehouse where tires and oil are being stored. 

Fire officials have told her due to the materials that are burning the fire is very hot, and is expected to last through the night. 

The first truck made it to the scene right away, but other crews were delayed by a train. 

There were at least 32 firefighters at the blaze at one point. 

Fire officials say the fire is so large that firefighters could not go inside the warehouse. 

There are no reported injuries at this time.