Faulty electric cord blamed in two car, two house fire

The Regina fire department says the cause of a blaze that destroyed two cars and damaged two homes in Regina early Wednesday morning was a faulty electrical cord.

Owner had plugged in block heater and an interior warmer

Families in the two houses on the 300 block of Royal St. had to leave, but no one was hurt. (Adrian Cheung/CBC)

The Regina Fire Department is warning people to check their extension cords after a fire in Regina Wednesday morning. 

Investigators have determined the cause of the fire in the 300 block of Royal Street was a faulty electrical cord that had been plugged into a car's block heater and interior warmer. 

The blaze erupted in the front bumper area of one car, then spread to a second car parked in front of it and two houses on either side.

The resulting fire caused an estimated $50,000 damage to the homes and cars.

Fire officials reminded people to check all electrical cords on cars for wear and tear including extension cords, block heaters and battery warmers.