Father frustrated at Moose Jaw school's response to bullying video

A father in Moose Jaw is frustrated and concerned about the Holy Trinity Catholic School Division's response to a disturbing bullying incident caught on video.

Chris Kitchen writes in letter to CBC News about 'lack of empathy' after incident on school bus

Moose Jaw school bus bullying incident 0:54

A video of an apparent bullying incident on a school bus in Moose Jaw has at least one parent concerned and frustrated about the school division's response.

Chris Kitchen told CBC News that his daughter recorded the video while on her daily bus ride home from St. Agnes school.

The video shows a group of kids crowding around in the centre of the bus as a child's voice screams, "Let go of me!"

"This video is very disturbing in that the incident becomes violent and has no intervention from the school bus driver," Kitchen said.

Kitchen's daughter, Savannah, recorded the video on her cell phone. According to her, the victim's brother tried to break up the incident but was also bullied. 

"For the safety of the driver and children, this should not have escalated to this extreme," Kitchen said.

"I was upset over the fact that my child on a school bus — which, I would at least hope they would be safe transported to school and back —  is witnessing not only bullying that's unchecked, but a physical altercation that's policed by children," he told CBC News Monday.

Frustrating complaint process

Kitchen says his wife met with the school principal shortly after viewing the video and learned that some of the kids were suspended from using the bus. 

However, he says they still had unanswered questions including whether or not the bus driver was receiving proper training on how to deal with these situations.

For the safety of the driver and children, this should not have escalated to this extreme while the bus was moving- Chris Kitchen's letter to CBC News

"These things are happening all the time and no amount of Pink shirt awareness is going to fix it," Kitchen noted. "Something has to change and someone needs to take responsibility."

Kitchen says he still has no idea if the bus driver received the appropriate training and is frustrated with what he perceives as a "lack of empathy" in the response.

CBC News has contacted the Holy Trinity School Division in Moose Jaw about the video. It says it's aware of an incident, but isn't commenting on specifics yet. 


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