Family grapples with 'devastating' theft of powwow regalia, after trailer was stolen

A family from Kawacatoose First Nation is reeling after their trailer was stolen, with powwow regalia among the items taken. They're hoping these invaluable items will be returned to them eventually.

Trailer had been parked at Regina's Village RV for repairs when theft occurred

Conrad Medicine Rope takes part in a powwow, in regalia that was among the items stolen in a theft that occurred early on Aug. 30. (Raylene Medicine Rope/Facebook)

A family from Kawacatoose First Nation is reeling after their trailer was stolen, with powwow regalia among the items taken.

"It's not so much the trailer but the contents that were in there that are invaluable to me," said Raylene Medicine Rope, explaining that one of those items was a golden hip fan her husband gave her when he proposed nearly two decades ago.

"It's real devastating for me."

Raylene Medicine Rope says the loss of her family's regalia left her in shock. (Raylene Medicine Rope/Facebook)

Medicine Rope, her husband, as well as their children and grandchildren have been powwow dancing together for years.

Conrad and Raylene Medicine Rope also take their grandchildren on the powwow circuit; their grandsons' powwow regalia was also stolen. (Raylene Medicine Rope/Facebook)

The family was just coming back from a powwow on the weekend when they discovered their trailer was in need of repairs. They'd taken the trailer to Village RV, and left it there, with plans to pick it up later in the week.

But on Thursday, when they arrived, the service technicians couldn't locate the recreational vehicle, said Medicine Rope.

The couple's 25-foot trailer was stolen from Regina's Village RV on Thursday morning. The trailer is a 2016 Keystone, with the license plate 452 KIB. On the side, the 'Bullet' signage is missing two letters, so it only reads 'Bull.' (Raylene Medicine Rope/Facebook)

The family was later notified the trailer was stolen from the front lot, where owners park at their own risk. Medicine Rope said the news left her in shock, unable to believe the theft.

"I just couldn't believe it," she said, explaining, "It's a 25-foot trailer. It's just amazing to me that someone would be able to pull in there and drive off with it."

A Village RV spokesperson confirmed the theft, and said it appears to have taken place on the morning of Aug. 30, sometime between the hours of 4 and 5 a.m.

Video surveillance was captured, and while the images were not very clear, that surveillance has been shared with the police, Village RV said.

The couple's daughters also had their dresses taken. (Raylene Medicine Rope/Facebook)

Among the items stolen were dance shirts, dresses, fans and feathers. Some of the items taken were old, while others were newer, but all were meaningful in their own way, said Medicine Rope.

Getting the powwow regalia back would be like getting their whole lives back, she said.

"It's the way we spend our summers with our family, it's the way we show our young grandchildren, our children, the way of life, of culture, our tradition," Medicine Rope said.

"It would mean everything for me to get things back."