Faceless Dolls bring awareness to missing, murdered aboriginal women

A project is underway at the Sask. Polytechnic education building that draws attention to cases of murdered and missing Aboriginal women in Saskatchewan.

Project draws attention to missing and murdered aboriginal women

Faceless dolls, like this one, will soon be on display in the education building at Sask. Polytechnic. (CBC)

A number of faceless dolls will soon be appearing in the education building at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. 

Jennifer McGillis with the Aboriginal Student Center is one of the people behind the faceless dolls campaign. (CBC)

They're part of a project that is bringing attention to cases of murdered and missing aboriginal women in Saskatchewan. 

The "Faceless Dolls Project" allows students to take part in workshops to design their own faceless dolls. After, they'll be put on display in the halls of the school. 

Local families of missing women will be brought in to share their stories with students. 

Students at Sask. Polytechnic are making faceless dolls to raise awareness about Saskatchewan's missing and murdered aboriginal women. (CBC)

"You know, you can pick up a brochure and read the statistics but it's something totally different to bring in somebody that's going to be explaining what had happened to them or how they're dealing with it," said Jennifer McGillis with the Aboriginal Student Center.  

Organizers say it's crucial to hear from the families affected.  

The RCMP reports there have been more than 1,800 murdered and missing Aboriginal women cases filed in the past 30 years.