Local online show fires up competition to name best pizza in Regina

A local online show is turning up the heat on Regina kitchens Tuesday night looking to determine the best restaurant pizza in town.

15 local restaurants stepping up for Justin and Greg Show pizza showdown

The Justin and Greg Show will be filming a pizza showdown at the Artful Dodger Tuesday night. (The Justin and Greg Show/Facebook)

A local online show is turning up the heat on Regina kitchens Tuesday night, looking to determine which restaurant has the best pizza in town.

Greg Moore and Justin Reves, hosts of The Justin and Greg Show on Facebook live, will be filming their weekly Tuesday night show from the Artful Dodger for a YQR Pizza Showdown.

Moore and Reves said they want to celebrate the pizza scene by bringing all the local favourites to one place and crowning the best pizza in Regina. A total of 15 local restaurants have stepped up to be taste tested by the hosts and nine judges.

"We've challenged them and said we just want one pizza from you … you guys pick your flavour and give us your best shot," said Moore.

"Everyone's really excited. All the pizza places want to showcase their talent and that's great for us because we get to try their talent."

The Artful Dodger will play host to the heated pizza competition. (Nichole Huck/CBC)

The online show started with Reves, who began by filming 170 episodes of a vlog and then approached Moore to start a Facebook Live show. The pair decided to use their show to celebrate all that Regina has to offer.

Back in February, Moore and Reves hosted the Burger Superbowl Showdown and named Luna the home of Regina's best burger. That episode has over 20,000 views on Facebook.

Shortly after that aired, a member of  "JAGS Nation," as the pair call their fans, suggested they rank local pizzas.

On Tuesday, three sets of three judges will each judge five pizzas. The top pizza from each of the three groups will go into the final round and Moore and Reves will pick their favourite.

If they need help, they will get feedback from the audience, who will also be able to taste the pizzas that catch their eye.

"Grab a bunch of new pizzas you want to try, and we'll probably have audience voting live as well," said Reves.

JAGS nation, as Reves and Moore call their fans, can comment live as their show is being filmed. They'll also have a chance to be in the live audience for the pizza showdown. (The Justin and Greg Show/Facebook)

Reves said a couple of his personal favourites include Houston Pizza's all-dressed and Pop's pizza from Bushwakker Brew Pub.

Moore admits his tastes are a little simpler.

"If it's pepperoni, I'm there," Moore said.

"He's still learning," said Reves, explaining that while he is Regina born and raised, Moore has only been in the city for 10 years.

"We've got the big pizzas here in Regina," said Reves. "Layer on three inches of toppings and give it to us."

Although the competition is getting attention, the hosts have assured that it is all in fun.

"There can be no losers but one winner," said Moore. "I think at the end of the day, we just want to celebrate the pizza scene in Regina because it's something special."

With files from The Morning Edition