Exploding tire injures teen employee at Lloydminster garage

A 17-year-old auto garage employee was severely injured Sunday after being hit in the face by an exploding tire in Lloydminster, Alta.
A teenager in Lloydminster was hurt at work when the tire he was working on exploded, Tiffany Cassidy reports 0:40

A 17-year-old auto garage employee was severely injured Sunday after being hit in the face by an exploding tire in Lloydminster, Alta.

It happened early in the evening at the Canadian Tire store in the city that straddles the Alberta-Saskatchewan border.

Lloydminster RCMP said they were called to the automotive service station where they learned that an employee had been struck in the head and face by a tire assembly.

A witness told CBC News it happened at the Canadian Tire outlet and the tire exploded.

The 17-year-old boy was transported to the Lloydminster Hospital by ambulance and then, after his condition was stabilized, transferred to Saskatoon for further treatment.

He's listed in serious condition.

An investigation will be conducted by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety officials. The teen's name hasn't been released.

The tire accident happened early Sunday evening at the Lloydminster Canadian Tire store. (Google Street View)