English River First Nation fire victims were close siblings

A relative of the brother and sister who died in a fire at the English River First Nation says the two siblings who died were close. "Her little brother was her world," said Sherry Wolverine.

'Her little brother was her world'

Relatives say Natalia Wolverine, 24, and her brother Jarome, 10 were close siblings. (Facebook)

The family of a brother and sister who died in a house fire on the English River First Nation says a crisis team is heading to the northern community to deal with the loss.

Patuanak RCMP got the call about the fire at around 11 p.m. CST Sunday.

Her little brother was her world-Sherry Wolverine, relative-Sherry Wolverine, relative

Officers say two people were pulled from the burning home but were pronounced dead at the community's health centre shortly thereafter. 

Fire deaths on northern Sask. First Nations within the past year:

People living on a First Nation in Canada are 10 times more likely to die in a house fire than people in the rest of Canada, according to a 2010 federal study on fire safety on reserves.

Fire claims lives of brother and sister

Sherry Wolverine says the victims are her cousin's children, Natalia Wolverine, 24, and Jarome Wolverine, 10. Her own mother called her around midnight with the news. 

"She told me that there was something, there was a house fire at my cousin's place and the two babies are gone," said Wolverine. 

Wolverine said the two siblings who died were very close to one another.

"Natalia was a sociable girl. She was quiet," she said. "She enjoyed her family, especially her little brother. Her little brother was her world."

Wolverine said a crisis team is coming to the community to help residents cope with the loss. 

English River First Nation is about 400 kilometres north of Prince Albert, Sask.


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