Elly Mayday, Sask. model, determined to battle cancer again

Elly Mayday, a Saskatchewan-born plus-size model, confirmed to fans over Facebook that the cancer she fought two years ago is back.

Saskatchewan plus-size model is famous for #ImNoAngel campaign

Elly Mayday modelled even while undergoing cancer treatment. (Aparte Photography)

Elly Mayday, a Saskatchewan-born plus-size model, confirmed to fans over Facebook Thursday the cancer she fought two years ago is back.

Elly Mayday made an announcement on Facebook Thursday that shocked many of her fans. (Facebook)
The model was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013. She announced Thursday she has another tumour on her stomach, and cancer cells elsewhere.

"I don't know what to say," she wrote on her Facebook fan page. "I got dealt a bad card today."

I have options. I have the strength to do this again. I will win.- Elly Mayday

Although clearly upset about her diagnosis, she worked to maintain positivity in her post.

"I have options. I have the strength to do this again. I will win," she wrote.

Modelling with cancer

After getting diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer, Mayday modelled bald when she lost her hair through chemotherapy. In an interview with Saskatoon Morning's Leisha Grebinksi, she said she modelled through all her treatments, including a hysterectomy and numerous operations.

"I think the message mainly is that people are tired of seeing just one form of beauty and one size of models. And you know there's so many different types of women out there that they need to be represented in mainstream media." Elly Mayday (Elly Mayday/Facebook)
Mayday is known for her role in the Lane Bryant #ImNoAngel lingerie campaign, which drew international attention for its efforts to showcase models of different sizes.

Mayday's scars, reminders of the "terrible road of cancer," weren't retouched in the campaign.

Mayday said modelling through her cancer treatments made her stronger.

"My idea of myself and what women are supposed to feel towards their bodies has changed and evolved into something stronger," she said. "My confidence has made me where I am today."

"My heart feels full"

On Friday, Mayday addressed her fans again, after more than 2000 people replied to her previous post wishing her well.

"Thank you," she said. "My heart feels full from all the love sent to me. You all mean so much."

Mayday said in the post she will not be doing interviews with the media because it's too difficult to talk about how she feels about her diagnosis.

Mayday's Facebook fan page has more than 190,000 likes. She said each one of those likes is a reason to battle her cancer.

"And I'll do it with a smile on my face cause that's the kind of person I am," Mayday said.


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