Regina couple upset over elevator episode

Seniors Bob and Bev Langton were stuck in an elevator at the Golden Mile Shopping Centre. They were inside the small elevator for a little over half an hour. It was pitch black.

Couple want assurances elevator problem won't happen again

Bob and Bev Langton were stuck in a pitch black elevator for almost 30 minutes following a power failure. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)

A Regina couple who were stuck in a tiny, hot mall elevator for more than half an hour are seeking assurances the same thing won't happen again.

Bev and Bob Langton are still concerned about the episode, which took place at the Golden Mile Shopping Centre one month ago.

There should have been a backup generator.- Bev Langton

"We're not going to let this lie", Bev Langton, said, noting that no one has given them an apology for what happened.

The couple used the elevator to get to a doctor's office on the second floor of the mall. They said as they were moving, the power cut out and the elevator stopped.

It was pitch black but they found an emergency phone. However, it wasn't working.

They then used their own mobile phone to call the doctors' office to summon help. Within five minutes a maintenance person arrived and, after about a half hour, the Langtons were out of the elevator.

But they're not happy about how the incident has been handled.

Concern over backup power

"When the power went out there should have been a backup generator," Langton said.

Langton added she is concerned about what else could happen with a stopped elevator.

"There's also a gynecologist in our doctor's office," she said. "What if a pregnant woman had gone into labour inside the elevator? It damn well could have happened."

The Golden Mile Shopping Centre is currently being renovated. 

Langton, who was unhappy with how a manager from the mall -— at the time — handled the situation, said she's contacted the mayor's office to complain.

She said there's been no reply so far.

"I don't expect the mayor to call," she said. "But I want someone to assure me that when that mall construction is done that there will be a backup generator. That if the power goes out, no else is going to get stuck in that elevator."

While the city enforces building codes, standards are set by the province.

According to the provincial government, the requirement for backup power to an elevator only applies to buildings that are taller than 36 metres.