Early morning fire destroys warehouse in Regina Beach

An early morning fire in Regina Beach, Sask., has left a storage facility smouldering and in ruins.

Storage facility left in ruins after blaze

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      An early morning fire Saturday near Regina Beach, Sask., left a Quonset workshop in ruins. It was still smouldering early Saturday afternoon.

      The building was a rental storage unit, which contained a lumber yard and a welding shop.

      A family who live nearby were forced to leave their home after they feared the fire might spread to their property.

      "At this point, I'm just glad that nobody was injured at the time, and the fire department was able to get here and save the house," said Dylan Lamontague, a grandson of the storage unit's owners.

      Twelve-year-old Coen Roedelbronn lives on the threatened property with his four-year-old brother and their parents.

      "I was really scared," he said, "because I didn't know what to expect if we lost our house. Like I didn't know what would happen."

      Roedelbronn is also a grandson of the storage unit's owners.

      Volunteer fire crews managed to contain the blaze to the storage rental units.

      The cause of the fire is not yet known.

      Family reacts to Regina Beach fire


      5 years agoVideo
      CBC's Dean Gutheil was at the scene of an early morning fire in Regina Beach. 1:37


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