Roughrider Duron Carter claims Bombers fan spat on him at Regina game

Claims that a Blue Bombers fan spat on a Roughriders player while another tried to tear the head off the team's mascot have sparked outrage within the Saskatchewan fanbase.

Carter called Bombers supporters 'worst fans in the league'

Saskatchewan Roughriders wide receiver Duron Carter celebrates a touchdown by taunting Winnipeg Blue Bombers fans during first-half CFL action in Regina on Sunday. (Mark Taylor/Canadian Press)

Claims that a Blue Bombers fan spat on a Roughriders player while another tried to tear the head off their team mascot have sparked outrage within the Saskatchewan fanbase.   

The Roughriders defeated the Winnipeg team 38-24 during the Labour Day Classic at home in Regina. 

After celebrations by the Saskatchewan team and their supporters Sunday night, claims of bad fan behaviour started to emerge Monday morning.

Roughriders receiver Duron Carter wrote on Twitter that a Bombers fan spat on him, describing the team's supporters as the "worst fans in the league."

There were also claims that a Bombers fan tried to "rip off" the head of the Roughriders' mascot Gainer the Gopher.

Rod Pedersen, the voice of the Roughriders, said the incident happened after Carter was taunting Bombers fans after scoring a touchdown.

Although Pedersen said the Bombers and the Roughriders were historically considered the biggest rivals in the CFL, he described Sunday's events as a first.

"No one has stooped this low before in the history of this Labour Day Classic rivalry, to the point where [they are] spitting on players or assaulting a mascot, that's never before happened," he said.

"And that's why, quite frankly, a lot of us are very disgusted with what came out of Mosaic Stadium on Sunday."

He said he wants to see charges laid against any person or people found to be responsible.

"I think spitting on anyone is the most heinous act that anybody can commit, in sports or in society," said Pedersen.

"So we're kind of talking about a double whammy here, both from Bomber fans in the same corner of the stadium. Very very, sad actions."

A spokesperson for the Saskatchewan Roughriders declined to comment until after the long weekend.

Regina Police confirmed they were aware of an incident between a fan and the mascot. Staff Sgt. Kelly Trithart said officers helped security in their efforts to identify that person so they could be banned from the stadium. He is not sure if the culprit was identified in the end.

Trithart said police had not received any formal complaints and there is currently no criminal investigation into either claim.

The two teams will face off again in Winnipeg on Sept. 9. 

Kevin Glenn threw three touchdown passes to lead the Riders to their third-straight win against the Blue Bombers in Sunday's game.

The three-game winning streak has Saskatchewan above .500 at 5-4 and tied for fourth place in the West Division with the B.C. Lions. Saskatchewan trails Winnipeg and Edmonton, both tied for second place, by just four points.

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