Dozens in Regina Beach still without gas, water

SaskEnergy says there will be a lot of digging going on in Regina Beach in the coming weeks.

SaskEnergy says there will be a lot of digging going on in Regina Beach in the coming weeks

There will be a lot of digging going on in Regina Beach in the coming weeks.

Ground shifting has been a major problem in the area, which has been highlighted after a massive explosion obliterated a Regina Beach home on Wednesday.

SaskEnergy spokesperson Dave Burdeniuk said crews will be looking at locations where there have been leaks or water main breaks in the past.

"Each time that we're digging and a decision is made that this is where we're going to replace a piece of pipeline, there will be venting of natural gas for a short period of time," Burdeniuk said.

People nearby will smell the gas as it vents and customers in the area will be without heat. 

Burdeniuk said it's up to homeowners to hire plumbers to repair any damage to the gas lines and appliances within their own homes. Those costs will have to be covered by insurance, but SaskEnergy will pay for the final stage of inspecting the lines for safety.

"We will be looking at zones in Regina Beach where there's been already an underground leak in the past or is this an area where there has been water leaks in the past," Burdeniuk said. "Those are indications of areas of more ground shifting than there would be in other areas. "

As of Friday morning, 38 customers are still without service.


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