Hair-raising tale sees Burberry the dog reunited with owner in Regina 3 years after going missing

Nadeem Mirza was sure he'd never see his dog again after the pooch disappeared during a chilly prairie winter, nearly three years ago.

Nadeem Mirza says persistence and kindness of strangers came to the rescue

Burberry the dog was found nearly three years after going missing from his home in Regina. (Submitted by Judi Milton)

Nadeem Mirza was sure he'd never see his dog again after the pooch disappeared during a chilly prairie winter, nearly three years ago. When Mizra moved across provinces, he was sure he'd heard his last woof from his buddy Burberry. 

But dogged efforts to find Burberry paid off — leading to a reunion just this past week. 

"My wife Judy Milton, she's a very persistent woman and she kept posting and asking people to help us. And she never gave up," said Mirza, his voice full of stunned disbelief. "I thank her for everything."

Mirza and his wife were living in Regina at the time of Burberry's disappearance, 

"My daughter was two years old, she let him out without me knowing. And I went everywhere, I put posters up, but I couldn't find him whatsoever," he said.

The family moved to B.C. a short time after, making a reunion seem like even more of a long shot.

"I always thought about him, I told people about him — I just got this feeling, maybe I've got to come to terms with not seeing him again." 

Milton continued to post on Facebook pages, sharing Burberry's good-natured looking face. 

Last Friday, Burberry wandered by the pet grooming business Round of Apaws. Staff noticed the dog almost getting hit as he crossed the street and ran outside to catch him. Burberry was covered in dirt and feces, and stunk to high heaven. He had frostbite and an ear infection, but was still alive. He had obviously been fed but kept outside. Mizra believes someone must have had Burberry kennelled outside.

When the pet grooming business posted Burberry's picture on a lost and found page, they ended up connecting with Milton. All the details on the description of the dog matched - down to a specific surgery that Burberry had as a young pup. 

"I phoned them and I cried on the phone, because I couldn't believe it," Mirza said. "I couldn't believe it was Burberry."

Nadeem Mirza reunites with his dog Burberry in Regina, nearly three years after Burberry first went missing. (Judi Milton/Facebook)

As he was already on his way back to Saskatchewan, Mirza asked them to keep the dog until he could get back to Regina. 

Round of Apaws bathed and groomed Burberry, with the staff chipping in to pay for vet bills until Mirza could arrive and Bright Eyes Dog Rescue paying to microchip the dog. 

Mirza said he couldn't believe the kindness of strangers. 

"It gave me faith in humanity again." 


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