DIY Christmas ideas for the holiday season

Decorator Palma Cafolla joined CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning on Wednesday to discuss ideas for do-it-yourself Christmas decorating.

Bringing the natural outside world in doors makes for excellent decorations

Cafolla has designed table center pieces using mosses, cones and knots of wood. (Submitted by @rhyland1 via Twitter)

Palma Cafolla likes to create decorations made from supplies she has picked herself from the natural outside world. 

"I adore nature," Cafolla told CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning on Wednesday.

Cafolla knows that Christmas is about memories and tradition. So, every year, she goes for walks in the forest to forage and gather supplies. Then, she takes what she has gathered home and looks for something to create with her haul. 

"I find living here, we hibernate in winter," Cafolla said.

Her first year in Canada had her feeling trapped, she said.

"I felt like I was a bear. I wanted to sleep," she said. "For me, the only thing that I could do was actually bring nature into my home." 

She has designed table center pieces using mosses, cones and knots of wood. 

"Look at how it grows, look at how it falls in nature," she said of the design process.

Disregard the technicality, she says. Just be natural.

"Flowers aren't meant to be contrived in different shapes that they didn't naturally grow in," Cafolla said. 

Cafolla recommends cutting some branches and storing them in a plastic bag so there's moisture circulating around them. She recommends doing it around September if aiming for Christmas.

"You'll have all the firs, the beautiful grays, the dark greens and that, then use your local florist then to spice it up with little added extras."