Decision in a week on case of firefighters versus police officers

Three firefighters accused of assaulting two police officers will learn the outcome of their trial in a week.

 Three Saskatoon firefighters charged with assaulting two police officers will learn their fate in one week.

Their trial, which began on Monday, wrapped up on Wednesday morning when lawyers made their final arguments to provincial court judge Barry Singer.

The firefighters, who were off-duty at the time, were on the Broadway bridge in Saskatoon last Aug. 12, and claimed they were simply roughhousing among themselves, following a birthday party.

Police, however, said they believed the horseplay was far more serious and thought they were breaking up a fight. During their intervention, the matter escalated and there was some pushing and pepper spray was used.

Clifford Hamilton, Jeffrey Tysdal and Keith Walliser were charged with assaulting and obstructing police officers.

After hearing from nine witnesses in all, the judge said he will consider the evidence and provide his decision Nov. 28.

With files from CBC's Dan Zakreski