Dead woman's ex declares innocence

The ex-boyfriend of Carol King, the Herschel, Sask. woman who died in August under suspicious circumstances, says he is innocent and hopes police catch her killer.
Carol King was from Mattis Point, N.L., and had planned to return home, David Caissie says. (CBC)
The ex-boyfriend of Carol King, the Herschel, Sask., woman who died in August under suspicious circumstances, says he is innocent and hopes police catch her killer.

In an interview with CBC News, David Caissie says police considered him a suspect in King's death, but he would never have harmed the woman he loved.

"I want them to find out who did this ... so that people will know that I had nothing to do with it," Caissie said.

King, 40, is from Mattis Point, N.L., and had moved to Herschel, about 150 kilometres southwest of Saskatoon, about three years ago.

After she disappeared, family members said Caissie had been harassing her in the days before she went missing. They also said she was afraid of him. 

Caissie said he cared deeply for King, and despite her family's allegations she did not fear him.

King even stayed with him after learning he had sexually assaulted a woman in Alberta, he said.

"She knew I made a mistake 12, 13 years ago, and quit drinking. I was drunk at the time and I made a mistake," he said.

Caissie was sentenced to five years in prison for a violent sexual assault in 1998.

He forced a woman into her truck at knifepoint, drove to a rural location and sexually assaulted her on the hood of the car.  

Caissie says he had alibi 

After a four-year relationship, Caissie said, he and King broke up in April.

But they continued to have regular contact with each other, he said. He says he spoke with King on Aug. 5, the day before she was last heard from. 

Caissie said he offered her a job in his business, which she turned down. He said that's the last he heard from her.

When police spoke with Caissie about King's disappearance, he told them he was in Alberta at the time and couldn't have had anything to do with it.

"I gave them my bank records, I gave them all my receipts and showed them everything ... I never left Alberta."

Weeks later, police found King's body on a rural property in the Herschel area.  

 Arson investigation at King's home

The case took another turn on Sunday, Dec. 18, when King's Herschel-area home caught fire, resulting in extensive damage.

Police believe an arsonist is responsible, but have not arrested anyone.

Caissie said he found out about the fire by watching the news and insists he had nothing to do with it.

Caissie said he saw police drive by his house after the fire. However, they could see that there were no fresh tire tracks coming out of his property and there was snow on his car, he said. They drove away, he said.

It turns out Caissie may have a financial stake in the burned-out home.

After Caissie and King split up, she put her home up for sale.

She was planning to move back east to be with her family.

Caissie put a lien on the home in June, even though King was the owner.

"'Cause I heard she was selling it and I wanted to make sure that I got my fair share and that's why I put the lien on it," he said.

Now the estate is selling the home. Caissie is still determined to get his cut.

Police said they don't know if there is a connection between the fire and King's death, but they continue to investigate.