The Dead South's Danny Kenyon leaves band amid sexual misconduct allegations

Cello player for The Dead South Danny Kenyon has stepped down from the band due to sexual misconduct allegations, says band.

Allegations about cellist posted anonymously to Survivor’s Stories Regina Instagram page

Danny Kenyon, left, has left The Dead South after allegations of sexual misconduct. The remaining band members — Scott Pringle, Nate Hilts and Colton Crawford, left to right — issued a statement saying they do not condone 'harmful behaviour of any kind.' (The Dead South/Twitter)

Danny Kenyon, the cello player for the Regina-based band The Dead South, has left the group following sexual misconduct allegations, the band says.

The remaining members of the folk-bluegrass band — Colton Crawford, Nate Hilts and Scott Pringle — released a statement on their website Wednesday afternoon announcing Kenyon  had left the group.

"We have seen posts citing sexual misconduct by Danny," the statement said.

"The Dead South, as a band, as a company, as individuals, and community members, is opposed to, and does not condone, harmful behaviour of any kind."

On July 31, an anonymous poster made an allegation on the Survivor's Stories Regina Instagram page, saying they had been sexually assaulted by Kenyon in 2015.

Two more allegations of sexual misconduct against Kenyon have been posted on the page since then.

Six Shooter Records, the label which signed The Dead South, also released a statement. It said the reports involve allegations of incidents that happened before Six Shooter Records started working with Kenyon and the band.

"We take this very seriously," the Six Shooter statement said. "We believe victims and survivors of sexual assault and are committed to centreing their well-being."

The Dead South said in their statement they will be supporting local organizations that offer mental health resources, including those who offer resources to survivors of abuse, but did not indicate how.

The statement also said the remaining band members have begun training on consent, professional conduct and creating safer environments for their fans, and "will create and adhere to a code of conduct."

Six Shooter Records said it also commits itself to observing a code of conduct, which includes acting ethically and transparently, demonstrating leadership in its industry and actively engaging in ongoing learning and training opportunities.

"Six Shooter is committed to working collaboratively with our artists, crews, contractors and service providers to resolve incidents, conflicts and issues under the Code of Conduct," the statement said.

"We will do so by engaging in respectful dialogue that prioritizes the well-being of our artists and employees; and by sharing resources, training, and materials when it is requested or needed."

The Dead South said that taking lessons from the allegations is their immediate priority.

"We hope that our action will help in some way to spark healing, and we are hopeful our community will be open to this as a path forward," the band's statement said.

The Dead South is a Juno Award-winning band whose song In Hell I'll Be In Good Company was featured in Season 2 of the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy.