Dashcam footage captures truck apparently trying to force minivan off Highway 1 near Regina

Dashcam footage captured earlier this month shows some tense moments on Highway 1 in Saskatchewan as a truck appears to try and force a minivan off of the highway.

Rheanna Dale says she's thankful the damage was minimal and her children were not in the car

Rheanna Dale said she was thankful that there were no injuries when a truck seemingly attempted to run her minivan off of Highway 1 in Saskatchewan earlier this month. (Bryan Eneas/CBC News)

Dashcam footage captured earlier this month on Highway 1 just outside of Regina shows some tense moments as a truck appears to try to force a minivan off the highway. 

Rheanna Dale was heading east on Highway 1, driving in the passing lane when a newer model Ford F150 truck, which Dale said was driving erratically, pulled up right behind her.

Dale said that she had just passed a snow plow, and saw the Ford truck swerving between the driving and passing lane on the highway.

"I decided to stay in that lane, because I thought if I had pulled back into the driving lane that he might swerve at the same time and take me out that way," Dale said.

Dashcam footage shows the truck sharply pull into the driving lane and then ram into Dale's minivan.

Rheanna Dale said she was thankful that there were no injuries when she was run off of Highway 1 in an apparent road rage incident earlier this month. 0:28

She said thankfully, her children were not in the van — but it did sustain some $3,000 of damage in the incident.

"I'm not even too concerned about my deductible, I just don't want him to hurt anyone else," Dale told CBC News. "That could have been a lot more worse than what it was."

Dale says her minivan sustained what appears to be minor damage, however she's been told it will cost around $3,000 to fix, but she'll only have to pay her deductible to get the repairs done. (Bryan Eneas/CBC News)

She was so focused on keeping her vehicle on the road, she wasn't able to identify the Ford truck's licence plate or the person who was driving it.

Dale said she reached out to police to report what had happened to her and was told by RCMP that there had been at least four other calls related to the truck and the way it was being driven. RCMP tell CBC they are aware of the incident and it is being looked into.

Dale has since posted the video to social media in an effort to find the person driving the truck.

Dale said so far, she hasn't heard back from the RCMP in terms of their investigation into the matter.


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