Sudbury cyclist resumes cross country trek with replacement bike in Regina

A Sudbury man cycling across Canada is ready to resume his adventure with a new bike, donated by a Regina company. Peter Ledingham's original bicycle was stolen.

Cyclist will leave Regina with a new bike and positive thoughts about the city

Cyclist Peter Ledingham picks up a replacement bicycle, donated by a Regina business, to resume his cross-country trek. (CBC)

It's not often that people cycle from one end of the country to another, but that's exactly what Peter Ledingham decided to do with a bike his father bought him 24 years ago.

Ledingham, who is from Sudbury, Ont., set out from Vancouver about a month ago. He undertook the journey, he said, as a personal adventure and to see the country.

What am I going to do next?- Peter Ledingham

Earlier this week, Ledingham made it to Regina and stayed the night at a hostel.

The next morning, when he went outside, his bike was gone.

"There were a couple of seconds of shock, when I opened the door and saw that it wasn't there," he said. "What am I going to do next?"

With help from people at the hostel, Ledingham filed a report to police. He also placed a note on Kijiji.

"Once media picked it up, it was pretty overwhelming," Ledingham said. "People of Regina have been amazing [with] all kinds of offers of help."

He said the outpouring has uplifted his spirits.

A bit embarrassed

"It's also strangely embarrassing," he added. "I'd much rather be on the other side, trying to help somebody, than be accepting help."

At Dutch Cycle, where Ledingham picked up a new bike, he was very grateful.

"I just met you this morning, but I feel like we're friends," Ledingham told one of the owners.

"I think that it's great for him to get out on his bike and get rolling again," Fred Vandelinden, from Dutch Cycle, said. Vandelinden said he was moved to make the donation after reading and hearing about Ledingham's predicament in the local media.

"So many people in the city are behind him, to get going. So, this is great. Great for him and great for us," Vandelinden said.

Ledingham added he was concerned Regina would be viewed in a negative light, because of what happened.

"My time here has actually been really great," he said. He has been to a football game and was able to see the Stanley Cup, which was in the city for an event. "It's really been an overall positive experience."

Favourite old bike

His old bike, which he got when he was 17, came from the local hardware store in Sudbury, Ont., Ledingham said, hopeful it might still turn up.

"I've had it for a really long time," he said. "I had a lot of good times on the trails around Sudbury."

With his new set of wheels, he is planning to push off and continue heading east Thursday morning.

He estimates he'll reach his final destination, St. John's, N.L., in early September.

With files from CBC Radio's The Afternoon Edition