COVID-19 in Sask: record-breaking 129 new cases reported Thursday

Saskatchewan is reporting 129 new cases of COVID-19 Thursday.

30 new cases in the north central zone, 55 in Saskatoon area

Of the 3,536 total reported cases in the province, 877 are considered active.  (Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Saskatchewan is reporting 129 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday. This is the highest climb in daily cases in the province since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Six of the new cases are located in the far north west, one is in the far north east, 10 are in the north west, 30 are in the north central, 55 are in the Saskatoon area, one is in the central west, four are in the central east, 13 are in the Regina area, one is in the south west, two are in the south central and one is in the south east.

Location information is pending for five of the new cases.

In an email to CBC News, the province said that investigations and contact tracing continue on the new cases.

"We are unable to speak to a specific breakdown on the new cases at this point," a spokesperson said in the email.

The province said the Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory experienced technical difficulties Tuesday with the validation of COVID-19 tests. This resulted in lower than expected case numbers for that day.

The province said nine more positive results have been identified from Tuesday's tests. Due to the timing of the reporting of laboratory results, the province said those nine cases will be counted in Friday's case numbers.

Of the 3,536 total reported cases in the province so far, 877 are considered active. 

There have been 50 new recoveries. To date, a total of 2,634 people have recovered from COVID-19 in the province.

(CBC News)

Thirty-two people are currently in hospital, 27 of whom are receiving inpatient care. One is in the far north west zone, three are in the north west zone, eight are in the north central zone, 10 are in the Saskatoon area and five are in the Regina area. 

Five people are currently in intensive care, with one person in the north central zone, three in Saskatoon and one in Regina.

Mandatory masks, gathering sizes

Saskatchewan will be making masks mandatory in indoor public spaces in Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert, and reducing the allowed size of gatherings provincewide.

The orders were announced Tuesday and take effect on Friday.

The public health mandatory masking order will be in place for 28 days, then is subject to review by Dr. Saqib Shahab, the province's chief medical health officer.

The province said that much of the recent spread of COVID-19 has occurred in private settings and in homes. 

As a result, the maximum allowable gathering size for private gatherings in the home will decrease to 10 from 15. This includes those who ordinarily live in the home. Any event that occurs in a private home and any outbuildings including weddings, religious gathering and funerals must abide by the 10-person gathering limit issued by the province. 

The limit does not apply to households with more than 10 family members living in the same home.

The province said enforcement options will be considered based on observed compliance with the public health order.

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