Beachgoers rejoice as sandy shores reopen for visitors

Beaches in Saskatchewan opened on Friday after being prohibited because of COVID-19. Beachgoers at Regina Beach were elated to be back. 

Beaches closed due to COVID-19 are open again for physically distant summer fun

A group of kids plays volleyball at Regina Beach on Friday, June 12. (SRC)

Beaches in Saskatchewan opened on Friday after being prohibited because of COVID-19.

Some beachgoers at Regina Beach were elated to be back. One woman, Collette, was there with her family. 

"We're so excited. It's the perfect day to get out and be with our family and enjoy the fresh air. We've been cooped up for a really long time," she said. 

She said she's not really scared of being outside where there are groups of people, but more wary of malls and indoor activities where there are lots of people. 

"We've got our hand sanitizer and we'll be staying far away from each other and just using our own things and not sharing food."

Regina Beach, on the shores of Last Mountain Lake, is a popular destination in summer. Along with the beach, it has a playground, service centre, picnic area, beach volleyball courts and a boat launch.

Helene said she knew she was going to be at the beach the first day it opened. "We're excited to be here. It's wonderful," she said. 

She said her and her family would wash their hands a lot and stay away from others. 

One man, Brendan, was there with his friends. 

"It's nice to get back into the fresh air and the nice, warm beach," he said. 

Brendan said he didn't have too many concerns about COVID-19 on Friday, so long as people kept their distance and were taking proper precautions. 

"If too many people start coming, I think we definitely need a limit because too much contact can be a bad thing," he said. 

The guidelines for beaches from the province are as follows:

  • Stay home if sick.
  • Different groups must maintain a physical distance of two metres outdoors, indoors, on the beach and in the water.
  • Towels and beach gear should be set up with four metres between groups to allow physical distancing.
  • Groups must remain within the gathering limit.
  • Do not share towels, food or toys between groups.
  • Beaches that are controlled should enforce a maximum occupancy.
  • Public washrooms will be open.


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