Geese not silly having nest at Costco, wildlife centre says

As the swallows return to Capistrano, so apparently do the Costco geese return to Regina.

Many shoppers taking a gander at feathered vistors

Last year, a pair of Canada geese were seen nesting outside the Costco store on the east side of Regina. Now, it looks like they're back. (Aldo Columpsi/CBC)

As the swallows return to Capistrano, so apparently do the Costco geese return to Regina.

A pair of Canada geese have made their home at the east end store for the last few years, and according to the Salthaven West wildlife rehabilitation centre, they're back.

The centre says it is receiving several calls a day about the male of the pair who has been spotted standing or lying down in the parking lot.

"He is not injured, nor does he need help," the group says on its Facebook page. "He is simply standing guard over his mate and their nest."

People are being reminded not to approach the geese or the nest, as the birds can be highly territorial when they think they or the nest are being threatened.

And while some people might think only a silly goose would build a nest at a shopping center, it actually makes sense from their perspective, Salthaven says.

The busy location keeps away natural predators, including foxes and coyotes.


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