Connaught School defenders not giving up

A group of people fighting to stop the demolition of Connaught School in Regina is stepping up their activities.
Connaught School is set to be replaced, although people concerned about its heritage value have launched a campaign to save the building. (CBC)

 A group of people fighting to stop the demolition of Connaught School in Regina is stepping up their activities.

Following a weekend strategy meeting, the group has launched a letter-writing campaign and plans to hold a concert and stage a "teach-in".

Group chairperson Rene Dumont says the goal is to raise awareness and support for the century-old structure.

"If members of the community knew that if the school is torn down they are going to have a new glass structure on the corner of Elphinstone and 13th Avenue, I think a lot of them will be quite upset," Dumont said.

The group is also calling for a second opinion on the state of the structure.

June Botkin, who specializes in conserving heritage properties, said a recent tour of the school did not reveal problems that were flagged by school board officials.

"The [school board] report led me to believe that it was in substantially worse condition than it is," Botkin said. "I didn't see that."

Botkin said there are a number of telltale signs she expected to see, which would confirm evidence of rot and shifting of the foundations, and she did not see those signs.

The Regina Public School Board recently decided it would cost too much to repair Connaught School to current standards and decided to replace the building.