Connaught bricks to be salvaged from Regina dump

Some bricks from Connaught School in Regina will be salvaged from the landfill, as souvenirs.
A salvage effort is set to recover some bricks as souvenirs from Connaught School in Regina. (CBC)

A salvage effort is set to recover some bricks as souvenirs from Connaught School in Regina.

People who lobbied to save the building are organizing what they call a Brick and Stone Rescue. Connaught was demolished this summer after the public school board decided it was not worthwhile to repair the 1912 building.

"When the building went down we started thinking what is the creative use of these materials?" Trish Elliot, who has been a champion of the school for several years, told CBC Radio Host Dan Reynish Saturday. "So people started dreaming up projects and plans."

Organizers of the brick rescue were hoping to spend time on Saturday and Sunday at the Regina landfill to recover material from the demolition, however that plan was scaled back so the work will only take place Sunday.

The start time is 10 a.m. CST and interested people can gather at the office area of the landfill to meet and, under escort of city staff, proceed to gather up what they can.

"The concept is to salvage as many pieces as possible for use in community projects," Elliot added. "With any leftovers [to be made] available for Cathedral folks to take for their homes and gardens."

According to Elliot, some of the material includes decorative limestone and terrazzo pieces along with intact bricks.

Elliot said she learned that the bricks were destined to be crushed.

"Some of it may be used for roadways," she said. "But ... it sounded like they were just pulverizing it into the landfill itself."

The salvage group suggests only adults and sturdy — and older — youths, show up for the job, as it will be heavy work and not a safe place for children. The group is asking that people who plan to attend RSVP by email to

People will also need safety gear, including a helmet or hardhat, boots and gloves.