Connaught 2.0: new Regina school holds grand opening

A new chapter of Regina education is officially underway, as Connaught Community School held its grand opening Friday.

Century-old former Connaught School torn down in 2014

Connaught Community School held its grand opening Friday October 20. (Dann McKenzie/CBC)

A new chapter of Regina education is officially underway, as Connaught Community School held its grand opening Friday.

Speeches were made, Oh Canada was sung by a student choir and a drum circle was held to christen the new facility that stands, looking particularly modern, along 13th Avenue and Elphinstone Street.

The interior of the new Connaught Community School. (Dann McKenzie/CBC)

The event was one of excitement, but it may have been bitter-sweet for some community members, as many were fond of the old Connaught school.

A photo hanging in the new school pays homage to the old Connaught School, which was demolished in 2014. (Dann McKenzie/CBC)

The previous school dated back more than a century and when it was announced that it would be torn down, a group rallied to save it. They even started a letter-writing campaign.

The building was torn down in 2014. All that is left of its bricks were made into an art exhibit nearby.

A drum circle was held during the grand opening of Connaught Community School. (Dann McKenzie/CBC)