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These Sask. music lovers are spreading the good news about the province's music scene

These Saskatchewan music enthusiasts are doing their part to share the best of Saskatchewan's independent music.

Podcast, magazine promote lesser-known artists

Mark Poppen & Joel Gaudet of the Sit Down Podcast are also the organizers of MooseFest event in Bellevue, Sask. (Submitted by Mark Poppen & Joel Gaudet)

As great as Saskatchewan's local musicians are, they are in need of voices and platforms that will bring their artistry to the world.

CBC's Local Music Project is one of such platforms, but definitely not the only one.

One of the goals of the project is to is to equip the local artists who get airplay on our programming with the tools needed to help spread the word to their fans. (CBC)
  • Listen to our Local Music Project Spotify playlist here.

There are many music lovers who have taken it upon themselves to make sure Saskatchewan music is heard near and far. Here are a few of them:

Mark Poppen and Joel Gaudet

Bellevue, Sask., music enthusiasts Mark Poppen and Joel Gaudet started their show The Sit Down Podcast after Poppen, owner of Funky Moose Records, an online record store in Saskatchewan, decided it would be a cool way to reach out to customers.

Gaudet was already a huge fan of podcasts. The show has garnered a lot of attention since it first launched two year ago.

"From the podcast we started MooseFest, which is a festival taking place here in Bellevue," Poppen said. "We started it last year and it was a great success. so this year we are going to make it bigger and outdoor."

The podcasters were good friends for years before deciding to start a podcast together. (Submitted by Mark Poppen & Joel Gaudet)

Last year's edition of MooseFest featured acts like Seven Mile Sun, League of Wolves and The Steadies. Poppen and Gaudet say they were able to book these acts on their podcast as well.

"We have more American listeners and viewers than Canadians at this point," Gaudet said. "For us, the podcast is a means to help promote the great music from indie artists from Canada. We do it for our love for our music and the artists."

Scott Roos

Scott Roos started North Sask Musiczine in 2020 when he noticed releases by independent artists were not getting the attention they deserved from the mainstream media. 

"It's been really cool to get calls or emails from artists asking us to review a show or write a feature," Roos said. "In the beginning, it was us emailing and requesting for artists' attention. It's rewarding to know that we are now becoming a trusted source for news about Saskatchewan artists."

Scott is hoping to recruit other music writers from all over the province and feature more artists on the site. (Contingent Colours)

Roos said the site is always looking for people in different areas of the province that are able to write or take pictures about the music scene in their area.


"We are a site that essentially relies on volunteers submitting different pieces," he said. "We are about music in the entire province of Saskatchewan. I'd like to see us have content from places like Moose Jaw and Estevan. Some of the work we've done is underrepresented and I'd like us to see us do more."

Anyone looking to volunteer can contact the magazine at


Adeoluwa Atayero is a communications officer for CBC News based in Saskatchewan. Before moving to Canada, Atayero worked as a reporter, content manager and communications consultant in Lagos, Nigeria. He holds a masters in journalism from the University of Regina. @theadeatayero