6 true crime podcasts with connections to Saskatchewan

Explore Saskatchewan crime stories about the disappearances of Sheree Fertuck and Mekayla Bali, the mass murder of the Peterson family and other stories that affected the province.

Binge on these true crime stories this summer

The Pit

As far as true crime podcasts go, it's not uncommon to hear stories about young vulnerable women meeting tragic fate – The Pit is not that story.

CBC journalists Alicia Bridges and Victoria Dinh investigate the disappearance of Sheree Fertuck. A strong, Saskatchewan truck driver who disappeared in December 2015, near Kenaston, Sask.

In June 2019, Sheree's estranged husband, Greg Fertuck was charged with first-degree murder, causing indignity to a body 

Alicia and Victoria plan to follow the case through court.  Subscribe to the podcast to be notified about new episodes. 

A letter to the Saskatoon jail nets the reporters an in-person interview with Greg Fertuck in Episode 5: The interview.

Canadian True Crime Episode 11: Shell Lake Massacre

On Aug. 15, 1967, Victor Hoffman entered a farmhouse at night and randomly murdered nine members of the Peterson family in Shell Lake, Sask. 

From left to right: Mary, Dorothy, Jean, Pearl, Phyllis (survived), Kathy (not in the house at the time of massacre), Colin, Evelyn, William, Martha (grandmother, not in the house), James and baby Larry. (Kristi Lee/Canadian True Crime)

Kristi Lee's story of Saskatchewan's worst mass murder examines Hoffman's lifelong struggle with psychosis seemingly fuelled by the strict religious views of his family. 

Victor Ernest Hoffman upon arrest (Canadian True Crime/The Gazette)

Canadian True Crime Episode 37: Tracy Latimer 

Tracy Latimer was killed Oct. 24, 1993 in Wilkie, Sask. Tracy was a 40-pound quadriplegic —  a 12-year-old who functioned at the level of a three-month-old. 

Kristi Lee tells a haunting story of a farming family who find themselves in a desperate situation.

Robert Latimer, Tracy's father, killed her. He told police exactly how committed the crime and it was up to the courts to distinguish between mercy killing and cold-blooded murder.

An undated photo of Robert Latimer and his daughter Tracy at home. (Maclean's/Canadian Press)

Dark Poutine: The Disappearance of Mekayla Bali

Mike Browne and co-host Scott Hemenway cover true crime from the perspective of Canadians in Dark Poutine.

In episode 45 they explore the case of a missing Saskatchewan teenager Mekayla Bali. There has been no sign of the Yorkton teenager since 2016.

Mike and Scott pour over RCMP details that shed light on her final hours before her disappearance. 

(Submitted by Paula Bali)

Dark Poutine: The Murder of Joann Wilson

A neighbour in Regina found Joann Wilson brutally bludgeoned in her garage. She was the ex-wife of Colin Thatcher, a former Saskatchewan cabinet minister.


Suspicion fell on Thatcher immediately due to their recent divorce. The investigation revealed the shocking details that led to Thatcher's downfall.

Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo

CBC's investigative podcast, Finding Cleo, uses the story of Cleopatra Semaganis Nicotine, who disappeared from Little Pine First Nation, Sask. during the Sixties Scoop to shed light on of the disproportional violence that Indigenous girls and women face.