'People want it': Community radio station CJTR notes 15th anniversary

Regina's community radio station, CJTR, is celebrating its 15th year of broadcasting.

Open house held Saturday

Radio station CJTR celebrates 15 years

5 years ago
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Radio station CJTR celebrates 15 years 0:59

In a time when traditional media companies are scrambling to secure a long term future amid a rapidly evolving environment, a Regina community radio station — CJTR — is celebrating 15 years of broadcasting rooted in the support of volunteers and community-minded sponsors.

"It means that people want it and want to keep it around," Andrew Pilon, a volunteer announcer known as The Navigator, said Saturday during an open house event for the station. "There's something here that people want that keeps it going and speaks to the community."

While CJTR has a handful of employees, the station is operated by volunteers who bring their talents to audiences interested in a variety of music and program genres.

Pilon hosts a progressive rock show.

He said listeners appreciate the diverse range covered.

"It's a wide variety of stuff," he said. "There's something for everyone on it. That's what they like most. Whether it's a Caribbean show or Scotland or anything there's something for everyone."

The station runs on volunteerism with the support of donations and fundraisers.

It broadcasts at 91.3 on the FM dial.

With files from CBC's Dean Gutheil