Body paint artist among vendors at comic expo in Saskatoon

Makeup and body paint artist Amanda Tozser will be set up at the comic expo set for Saskatoon this weekend.

Amanda Tozser studied at University of Saskatchewan

Amanda Tozer's work was recently featured at an event in Calgary where she applied paint to model Rob Folk who appeared as Night King from Game of Thrones. (Zev Abosh/Submitted to CBC)
A tall nephew of Amanda Tozser was the model for the makeup art and costume of the film character Groot. (Amanda Tozser/Submitted to CBC)
Makeup and body paint artist Amanda Tozser will be set up at the comic expo set for Saskatoon this weekend.

Tozser, who is based in Calgary, studied art at the University of Saskatchewan.

Her talent led her to become a professional in creating fantastic creatures for film or photo shoots. She has also learned how to create special makeup effects.

I love doing the gory stuff.- Amanda Tozser

"Bit by bit I've upped my skills," Tozser explained. "I went from body paint to learning airbrush, to learning special effects makeup, to learning beauty and period makeup, to getting into film and theatre."

When fans gather for a comic expo, Tozser said there is great interest in creating very detailed presentations of favourite characters.

"There's the cosplayers which have to be the best part of the comic expo," she said. "Because these people spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on their costumes. They're incredible."

Adding professional makeup to an elaborate costume gives a big boost to the character, Tozser said.

"It just takes it where it's movie quality and it's fantastic," she said. "They just love that feeling."

Make-up and body paint artist Amanda Tozser has a booth at the comic expo in Saskatoon. (Submitted to CBC )

Tozser said she also enjoys turning people into zombies.

"I love doing the gory stuff," she said. "Eye sockets sunken and lips ripped off … [I] absolutely love it."

People at the expo also enjoy seeing the work as it is done, she said. Tozser will have two models on hand for her display.

One of the models will have a full-body effect done called a comic morph.

"It's very popular right now," she said. "They actually look like comic character but they're a walking human."

With files from CBC Radio's Saskatchewan Weekend