'Right place at the right time': 4 comedians put out fire in Wadena, Sask.

A group of four comedians put out a fire at a motel in Wadena, Sask., in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Comedians passing through Wadena after a show in Stenen, Sask.

This group of comedians put out a fire in Wadena, Sask., on Saturday morning. From left to right are Dustin Williamson, Ben Bauce, Kelly Taylor and Dylan Williamson. (Kelly Taylor/Facebook)

A fire on Saturday morning was no laughing matter for a group of Saskatchewan comedians in Wadena, Sask.

After an electrical fire broke out in the lobby of Wadena's Blue Willow Inn, the four men stepped into action.

Kelly Taylor, one of the comedians, said the group was coming back from a show in Stenen, Sask., and were passing through Wadena at about 1:10 a.m. CST. That's when they noticed the fire.

"The timing of this was beyond incredible," he said.

The group thought the fire was small at first, but quickly realized it was spreading. Without hesitation, they turned around on the highway and pulled into the motel.

"We hit the brakes, came in, and started hammering on all the windows, telling people to get out," he said.

Damage from the fire at the Blue Willow Inn. (Kelly Taylor/Facebook)

After warning everyone about the blaze, they went to the front of the motel in hopes of containing the fire.

Another comedian in the group, Ben Bauce, was "the number one star of the night," said Kelly. 

Bauce took control and grabbed a fire extinguisher from inside the motel, as the blaze continued to grow, according to Kelly. Meanwhile, the others filled garbage cans with water to douse the flames while parts of the roof started to crumble. 

"If we didn't drive by this place at that exact moment, this place was for sure done," said Taylor.

Martin Cho, manager of the Blue Willow Inn, says he got up for a glass of water around 1:30 a.m. CST when he saw a "big yellow light" outside of his window.

An electrical fire broke out in Wadena, Sask. at the Blue Willow Inn. (Google Maps)

After finding four men fighting the blaze with water and a fire extinguisher, he called 911.

Upon arrival, volunteer firefighters from the Wadena & District Fire Association fully extinguished the fire.

Harold Narfason, chief of the volunteer firefighters, said putting out the fire was a combined effort between the comedians and firefighters.

"Without the comedians there, it could have been a far worse situation," he said.

Cho echoed a similar sentiment, saying he's thankful the men arrived when they did, as the damage could have been much worse.

"I really appreciate their help," said Cho.

After the incident, Taylor said the group of comedians breathed a sigh of relief while motel patrons hugged them in disbelief.

"We were just at the right place at the right time," said Taylor. "I'm glad it all worked out."

The cost of damages is yet to be determined, but the motel is still open.

Wadena is about 210 kilometres east of Saskatoon.


Cory Coleman is a journalist for CBC Saskatchewan.