Colter Wall debuts first songs, including The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie

Musician Colter Wall has released the first songs from his debut album Imaginary Appalachia. One song is called The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie.
Colter Wall has released the first songs of his first recording project. (CBC)

Music artist Colter Wall has released the first songs from his debut album Imaginary Appalachia.

Wall, 19, worked with established artist and producer Jason Plumb to record the songs in Regina.

He said the support he received on his first project has been very encouraging.

"[I was] someone who just a few months ago was sort of on the outside looking in," Wall told CBC Radio host Craig Lederhouse Friday. "To now be just so warmly welcomed into it by all these ... artists and people who make a career out of it ... it's very reassuring and it's pretty wonderful."

The singer-songwriter was influenced by the work of Bob Dylan and has been cultivating his voice in what is known as the roots music genre, described by some as drawing from Americana songs and the blues.

Wall is also a big follower of the Delta blues style and artists like Robert Johnson and Blind Willie Johnson.

"It's just so raw and genuine," Wall said of the genre. "That's what initially hooked me on that sort of stuff."

For his live performances and recording sessions Wall plays guitar and uses a kick drum with a tambourine fastened to it by duct tape.

"I set it up behind me and just sort of stomp on it as I play and sing," he said. "Duct tape solves all problems, I think."

Wall added he feels very fortunate to have had Belle Plaine appear on his album.

"Pretty incredible," he said. "She was wonderful, just fantastic to have in."

When asked about his own development as a singer, Wall said it has been a learning experience.

"It took a while to figure out. Singing is a tricky business so I sort of had to work at it," he said. "But it's also sort of natural. That's my voice."

While he was not asked about it during his interview on CBC, Wall is the son of Saskatchewan's premier, Brad Wall.


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