Incoming Colorado low once again takes aim at southeast Sask.

Yet another round of winter weather is expected to wallop southeast Saskatchewan this weekend.

Special weather statement issued as heavy snow, strong winds expected

Jeff Johnson snowblowing in Moosomin, Sask., on Apr. 14, 2022, after the last Colorado low moved through. (Daniella Ponticelli/CBC)

Yet another round of winter weather is expected to wallop southeast Saskatchewan this weekend.

A Colorado low — the second in less than two weeks — will move through the Dakotas this weekend and bring a "wintery mix of precipitation," according to Environment and Climate Change Canada [ECCC].

That includes heavy snowfalls of between 20 and 50 centimetres — the heaviest of which will fall closer to the Manitoba border. 

The system will likely begin as flurries with rain or freezing rain mixed in on Friday morning. Snow will begin later on Friday, with the heaviest falling on Saturday.

Strong winds between 70 and 90 kilometres per hour on Saturday and Sunday could create blowing snow, reducing visibility on roads.

"This will make travel difficult in these areas," the statement from ECCC reads.

The storm will likely increase traffic on the province's Highway Hotline website, which already saw a record 13 million website visits this past year. Just over one million visits have been recorded so far this month.

ECCC said the track of the storm could still shift, meaning a change in where the most precipitation is expected and what form it falls in.

"Consult your local forecasts as the event draws closer for updates, including and watches or warnings that may be issued," the statement reads.

The storm comes on the heels of another Colorado low in southeast Saskatchewan last week. Between 30 and 40 centimetres fell in Estevan.

ECCC notes the weather should improve by Monday, but said temperatures will remain "significantly below normal" until later next week.


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