City of Regina asks protesters to leave park

The City of Regina is asking Occupy Regina protesters to leave.

The City of Regina is asking Occupy Regina protesters to leave.

Several dozen protesters have been camping in the northeast corner of the downtown Victoria Park since Oct. 15.

The group is part of an international protest movement aimed at raising concerns about economic injustice and the growing gap between rich and poor.

Earlier this week Regina bylaw officials visited the camp, where some 20 tents are set up, and asked people to leave.

"We're asking them to leave voluntarily," said Dwayne Flaman, a spokesman for the city's bylaw enforcement office.


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"They have been respectful of the law. They haven't caused any problems," Flaman noted. "But now, with the onset of winter setting in, the concern for personal safety is one of the great concerns for us."

Daniel Johnson, a spokesman for the protesters, said the city has also moved to stop people in the camp from using a portable toilet.

"Permission had not been granted [for the john]," Flaman confirmed. "It can't be there."

The protesters were set to hold meetings Tuesday to discuss the issue and said they were making plans to rally in front of city hall on Wednesday.

Flaman said Tuesday that no one in the camp would be forcibly removed, for the time being.