City of Regina cancels 117 parking tickets issued during snowstorm

The City of Regina has cancelled all parking tickets issued during Regina's recent snowstorm, but tickets will still stand for drivers who parked along a designated snow route.

Tickets still stand for drivers who parked on designated snow routes

The City of Regina says it unfairly ticketed some people during the snowfall this week. (ICI Saskatchewan)

Drivers who received a parking ticket between Monday morning and Wednesday morning in Regina might not have to pay their fines, with the city having cancelled 117 tickets issued during a recent snowstorm.

However, those who parked along a designated snow route will not be as lucky. The City of Regina expects those tickets, of which there are about 15, to be paid in full.

Mayor Michael Fougere said the city received a number of complaints from people who got tickets despite, in some cases, being unable to move their cars. A post on social media, which garnered significant attention, was partially responsible for the cancellations of 117 tickets.

Good Samaritan Josh Crosby was helping drivers that were stuck in snow when he noticed a parking enforcement officer issuing tickets. (Craig Edwards/CBC Saskatchewan)
Josh Crosby was helping people whose vehicles were stuck get back on the road during the storm on Monday. 
"I looked across the street and saw a car that was in the two-hour parking zone and he was getting a ticket," said Crosby. "It took six people to get one car out. Not everybody has six people that are willing to help them out."
Josh Crosby shared this photo in a social media post expressing his frustration at seeing a parking inspector issuing a ticket on a street where some vehicles had become stuck in the snow. (Josh Crosby/Facebook)

He took some photos, posted it on Facebook and soon after it had been shared nearly 10,000 times.

Crosby felt it was unfair for parking enforcement to ticket people that were unable to move their cars due to the weather.

"I thought that was a little bit unfair," he said. "Give us a little bit of a break."

On Tuesday, the mayor apologized for the inconvenience to residents.

"We don't want to be causing people stress as they go about their daily lives, but there is an issue of public safety involved as well. So I make that direct apology to those who went through this and we're going to make sure we get better next time," said Fougere.

Although the snowfall was extraordinary for Regina, Fougere said that the city does need to do better in the future should something similar occur. 

"We'll review our policies to make sure that we're fair and reasonable in proportion into the future if we do have extraordinary circumstances like this today," he said.

For anyone that has already paid their parking ticket, Fougere said they will receive a full refund. 

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