How much more you'll spend on alcohol, cigarettes in Sask.

The provincial government's budget has revealed mark ups for alcohol and tobacco in 2017-2018.

Most beer products marked up 6.8%, cigarettes will be approximately 50 cents more per pack

Tobacco and alcohol has been marked up and the province expects to make $15 million from those changes. (CBC News)

Mark ups to cigarettes and alcohol means your wallet is going to take a bigger hit after a night out.

Tobacco will be taxed an extra two cents per cigarette as of March 23. A pack of cigarettes will now cost you an extra 50 cents.

When April rolls around, wholesale mark up rates for beer, coolers, wine and spirits will go into effect.

Most beer products will be marked up 6.8 per cent, coolers six per cent, 5.3 per cent for wines and four per cent for spirits. 

Revenue from tobacco is expected to bring in $10 million for the province. Incremental revenue from alcohol is expected to bring in another $5 million. 

In November, the government moved to privatize 39 liquor stores in the province as part of its plan to have half of the province's liquor stores privately owned.