Penguins forward Chris Kunitz brings Stanley Cup to Regina

A three-time Stanley Cup champion brought hockey's greatest prize back to Regina on Tuesday.

Kunitz has won the Stanley Cup 3 times with Anaheim and Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Penguins forward Chris Kunitz carries the Stanley Cup into downtown Regina on July 26. (Mike Zartler/CBC)

A three-time Stanley Cup champion brought hockey's greatest prize back to Regina on Tuesday.

Pittsburgh Penguins forward Chris Kunitz, who grew up in the Queen City, won the 2016 Stanley Cup in June. 

"The memories I have of growing up and becoming a hockey player started here," Kunitz said. 

For Kunitz, the feeling isn't getting old, but it's also not new. It's his second Stanley Cup with the Penguins and third in his career. The 36-year-old also won the title with Anaheim in 2007.

"They're all a different story the way they come about," he said. "I think for me this time around, it's special because our kids are old enough — or my oldest son is seven. He understands what dad does. He got to come out on the ice with us, and celebrate in the locker room."

Describing himself as a family man, Kunitz said his first NHL title was kind of the opposite.

"I was out there on the ice with my dad, and it brought tears to his eyes," he said. "I could see how special it was to him. So it's kind of come full circle in one little career."

Kunitz showed off Lord Stanley in Regina's City Square Plaza. He also teamed up with Saskatchewan Cancer Agency to raise money for the Allen Blair Cancer Centre from the proceeds raised with the sale of special edition photos autographed by Kunitz.

"I think everybody has been affected by cancer," Kunitz said. "It's something that everyone needs to help out with."

When Kunitz arrived to see the crowds of hockey fans in downtown Regina, he said "I don't have this many friends or family so it's a great turnout." But it was a personal memory with his grandmother earlier in the day he said he'll cherish the most.

"My grandma is, you know, not doing the best anymore," he said. "(To) watch her drink some water out of the Cup today is something I don't think I'll ever, ever forget."