Celebrity chef Chuck Hughes heads to Saskatchewan farm

In an effort to encourage using sustainable farming, chef Chuck Hughes will be in Saskatchewan at a local family farm to learn more about where the food he cooks with comes from.

Chuck Hughes will be at the Stockbrugger farm near Humboldt, Sask.

Chef Chuck Hughes is at a family farm in Saskatchewan cooking up recipes and learning about sustainable farming.

Saskatchewan is home to many farming communities, but not all Canadians have such a close proximity to where the food on their plate comes from.

Members of the Stockbrugger family farm near Humboldt, Sask., are hoping to help answer questions about food origin for city dwellers along with a famous chef, Chuck Hughes. 

"We are having an absolute blast. Obviously learning a lot about food and mostly where our food comes from. Not only are we learning but we are able to taste and smell and feel," Hughes said.

Hughes is known for his TV show Chucks Day Off on the Food Network. 

He will be in Saskatchewan along with three other Canadian families to visit the Stockbrugger farm and learn about the food they eat every day. 

From farm to table

"Some of us that live in cities, myself included, even though I'm a chef and I have this great connection with food, it doesn't mean I know everything about how it gets to the table," he said. 

The guest families will be able to learn about tree planting, crushing canola, harvesting and sustainable food. 

"We are learning, but we are also cooking and we are going to be making a couple recipes right here on the farm," said Hughes. 

The Stockbrugger farm is recognized as a sustainable farm by the Hellmann's brand. Hughes hopes that more people begin to incorporate sustainable ingredients into their cooking. 

There will be a live stream on Thursday at 6 p.m. CST of chef Hughes cooking up a recipe on the Hellmann's Canada Facebook page and periscope. 

With files from CBC Radio's Afternoon Edition.