Chasity Delorme's MMIW OneStory

Chasity Delorme shares her experience with how the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women has affected her life using OneStory.

Regina woman says she could have been a MMIW statistic

Chasity Delorme sharing her story of a close call she had.

This week, CBC Saskatchewan is launching a series focusing on missing and murdered indigenous women.

There are 33 unsolved cases involving indigenous women in this province, dating back to 1951.

Behind each case is usually a tragic story of a woman who simply vanishes, leaving her family desperate for answers.

Sometimes, remains are found, but many of the investigations are still unsolved.

Chasity Delorme is grateful she is not one of those statistics.

But Delorme believes she could have been, when she was attacked a few years ago.

Here's Delorme's OneStory.

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