Changes ordered following pyrotechnics incident at Mosaic Stadium

Regina's fire marshal has ordered some changes, following an incident at Mosaic Stadium Friday when a small fire broke out on some equipment used in a fireworks show.
An electronic box used for a fireworks display ignited at Friday's game. (CBC)
Regina fire marshal Randy Ryba has ordered some changes in routine regarding pyrotechnics at Mosaic Stadium during football games. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)
Regina's fire marshal has ordered some changes following an incident at Mosaic Stadium Friday when a small fire broke out on some equipment used in a fireworks show.

It happened when some fireworks were shot from a set up on one of the video screens at the football game.

Randy Ryba said Tuesday that, following an investigation, it was determined that the fire happened because the lid of a remote control box that launches the fireworks was accidentally left open.

"It probably shouldn't have been open," Ryba said. "The protocol calls for it to be closed [but] the wind may have inadvertently blown it open."

Sparks from the fireworks ignited Styrofoam inside the box.

While the fire was quickly doused and there was no damage to the video screen, Ryba has ordered some changes.

The fire marshal said he does not want to have any unattended fireworks at the stadium.

"I want somebody on watch at all times at every corner of that stadium where there are pyrotechnics being launched," he said.

He said the pyrotechnics team needs to station a person nearby, but at a safe distance, who can respond if anything goes wrong.

He also said fire extinguishers must be immediately at hand at all spots where fireworks are being launched.

With files from CBC's Dean Gutheil


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