Chad Novak no longer running for mayor of Regina

Chad Novak is no longer in the running for Regina mayor.

Chad Novak is no longer in the running for Regina mayor.

He said he is stepping away from the contest to focus on his personal life.

However, he added he is in talks with a candidate for a seat on city council and may become the person's campaign manager.


Novak was not available to comment Thursday, but issued a news release shortly after 6 p.m. CST saying he found his brief life in politics to be stressful.

"I have found that I am just not built for the dirty world that is politics," Novak said in his statement, which also expressed gratitude to people who had supported his bid.

He said he thought about his decision for a long time.

"It is a personal decision that I have made with the consultation of my family, and is something that I personally feel I must do in order to maintain a healthy life going forward," he said. "I hate having to make this decision, but it is something I truly believe is for the best."

He added he will continue to press for changes in how the city of Regina conducts business, with a particular emphasis on "accountability and transparency from city hall."

He also said he was keen to throw his support behind another candidate for mayor, but does not yet see one who "aligns with my goals and principles."

Novak also said that although he is originally from Moose Jaw, he has no designs on city council in that city.

"I love Regina, and I want to stay here for as long as I can," he said. "I also want to continue to bring great things to our city in the future."

Novak did not provide any examples of how he felt civic politics was a dirty affair, but suggested people were engaging in unfair tactics.

"There are games that very prominent people play, for whatever reason, and unfortunately they will stop at almost nothing to make sure your campaign is deemed ineffective," he said.

Novak was among several people who said they would be candidates for the position of mayor.

The current mayor, Pat Fiacco, announced in February that he would not be seeking another term.

Municipal elections are on Oct. 24.