Taking the title from Pam Anderson: 1st 'Centennial baby' was born in Regina

This Canada day will be extra special for Kara ffolliott. The Regina woman was the first baby girl born in Canada on July 1, 1967 at 12:18 a.m.

Kara ffolliott was the first baby born in Canada on July 1, 1967

Kara ffolliott, originally from Lestock, Sask., was the first baby girl in Canada born on July 1, 1967. (Submitted by Kara ffolliott)

This Canada Day will be extra special for Kara ffolliott.

She was the first "Centennial baby" — born at 12:18 a.m. on July 1, 1967 in Regina, as Canada celebrated the 100th anniversary of Confederation.

But she was almost born in June — her mother spent nearly 40 hours in labour.

"The doctor wanted her to hold off so I could be the first baby girl born in Canada [on the Centennial]," said ffolliott. "It was a really special day for them because I was the 15th child, and apparently their last."

The Métis woman is the youngest of 15 children born to George and Vivian Ott, originally of Lestock, Sask. — a village about 105 kilometres northeast of Regina.

The paperwork proves it

After her birth, ffolliott and her family were presented with the Centennial medallion by Judy LeMarsh, Canada's then secretary of state.

The Centennial medallion was awarded to ffolliott's family after her birth in 1967 by Judy LeMarsh, then Canada's secretary of state. (Submitted by Kara ffolliott)
Other awards include a set of Canada 1967 gold and silver coins and an engraved plaque from the Saskatchewan Centennial Association.

On her 25th birthday, she received a golden wheat-shaped pin from then Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romano.

She now calls Abbotsford, B.C., home. So this year, ffolliott was surprised to receive a letter from Lt.-Gov. Vaughn Schofield offering well-wishes for her special milestone birthday.

"I was elated to [send the letter]," said Schofield. "It marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation in this country and her 50th birthday, so I just think it has special meaning for everybody."

Centennial baby confusion

Ffolliott may have been the first Centennial baby, but some websites have attributed the title to a certain Canadian celebrity. 

Several years ago, ffolliott said she found out that actor Pamela Anderson — famed for her work on the TV show Baywatch — was also born on July 1, 1967.

"I came across it on Wikipedia and [the] Canada Walk of Fame [website]," she said.

"She apparently claims she was the first baby girl born in Canada which I'm sure her parents must have told her and nobody has disclaimed it all those years."

Ffolliott said this is the first year she was recognized online for the 50-year-old title.

Ffolliott's family was given a set of gold and silver coins by the Saskatchewan Centennial Corporation. (Submitted by Kara ffolliott)