CBC Saskatchewan's top 10 most clicked-on web stories

Looking back at Saskatchewan's favourite web stories of 2013, the tale of an inventor whose 3D printer took the world by storm stood out.

3D printers, Pam Wallin, nose-picking had web-readers clicking

Clockwise from left, stories about giant icicles, a little girl with a smashed playhouse, Idle No More and Sen. Pamela Wallin all attracted many thousands of readers. (CBC)

Looking back at Saskatchewan's favourite web stories of 2013, the tale of an inventor whose 3D printer took the world by storm stood out.

A Kipling man's bid to make $100 printers that can produce solid objects was the single most-clicked on item of 2013, although few might describe it as the province's biggest story.

The most popular stories were drawn from the worlds of crime, politics, celebrities and human interest.

Suspended Sen. Pamela Wallin was second on the list, when the web traffic from several stories is added up.

Perhaps curiously, the Saskatchewan Roughriders Grey Cup win did not hit the top 10.

Here's the full list of most popular stories on CBC Saskatchewan and CBC Saskatoon:

1. Our top story was hit by a so-called Reddit bomb, attracting a massive following on the popular social media site.

2. Various stories about Sen. Pamela Wallin who, along with Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau, was suspended from the Red Chamber over questionable expenses, were consistently popular with online news consumers. 

3. A Saskatoon transgendered person living as a woman created a stir on the web and elsewhere when she tried to try on bridal gowns at a local store and was refused. 

4. Many readers were interested in the tragic story of six teenagers who died in a highway crash near Marshall, Sask. during the summer.

5. A story about a University of Saskatchewan professor looking at whether there were health benefits to eating boogers was a hit around the world and even earned a mention on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

6. Legendary folk singer Joni Mitchell, who hails from Saskatoon, might have lost a few fans locally when she dissed her hometown and said she wanted no tributes from it.

7. It was a shocking story, first when a six-year-old boy died violently at a First Nation reserve near Broadview and later when police said another young boy was responsible.

8. The Canadian Wheat Board caught some flak over a sexy cowgirl ad. The pinup-type image of young woman sitting on a fence was called sexist by the National Farmers' Union.

9. An Amber Alert is a public alert issued by police in child abduction cases. One that took place in the Maple Creek area, involving a pregnant 14-year-old, was among the best-read stories of the year.

10.  The Idle No More movement gained a high profile in 2013 and so did one of its spokespersons, Sylvia McAdam. A story featuring an interview with her received wide interest around Canada.

Also in the running for most popular stories include: