CBC's Political Panel talks NDP byelection victory and federal politics

CBC's Political Panel discusses the latest week in Saskatchewan politics.

Yens Pedersen captured Regina Northeast riding for NDP in byelection

The political panel discusses the latest NDP byelection victory and the ongoing saga of Erin Weir. (CBC)

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the New Democratic Party in Saskatchewan.

Yens Pedersen, who had struck out twice before, finally captured a seat in the provincial legislature as the Saskatchewan NDP captured the Regina Northeast riding in a byelection. 

The Opposition in Saskatchewan grew by one member this week. The NDP won in Regina Northeast this week. Not a big surprise to our political watchers but what's the significance? Adam Hunter covers politics for CBC Saskatchewan while Murray Mandryk does the same for the Regina Leader-Post. 10:02

The byelection was largely a two-horse race as Pedersen and Saskatchewan Party hopeful Gary Grewal received the majority of the votes on the six-person ballot.

CBC's Adam Hunter and Regina Leader-Post columnist Murray Mandryk joined CBC Radio's The Morning Edition to discuss the latest in Saskatchewan politics.

The panel also touched on the federal government cabinet meeting in Saskatoon and the NDP's trip to Surrey.

Also on the docket was Erin Weir, the MP for the federal riding of Regina-Lewvan. 

Despite party leader Jagmeet Singh saying last week that Weir could not represent the NDP in 2019, Weir voiced his intention to seek the NDP nomination for Regina-Lewvan in the next federal election.

Weir has held the seat since 2015.


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