CBC's Political Panel talk Scott Moe's 1st SUMA convention as premier

CBC Saskatchewan's Political Panel discussed Scott Moe's first SUMA "bear pit" session as premier of Saskatchewan.

Provincial budget delayed until April 10

Adam Hunter, left, and Murray Mandryk discuss the SUMA convention which was held this week. (CBC)

Scott Moe had tougher questions than a premier is accustomed to dealing with at this week's "bear pit" session, hosted by the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association.

Adam Hunter and Murray Mandryk discuss Scott Moe's first 'bear pit' session as Premier of Saskatchewan. 8:50

CBC's Adam Hunter and Regina Leader-Post columnist Murray Mandryk discussed the session, which was Moe's first as premier after a decade of Brad Wall. 

Mandryk described SUMA delegates as "antsy" when it came to the topic of the provincial budget, which has been delayed to April 10.

Last year's provincial budget saw the province cut grants-in-lieu from SaskPower and SaskEnergy. The program had those Crown corporations pay flat rate grants to municipalities instead of property taxes.

The change forced municipalities to suddenly rework their budgets to account for the funding shortfalls.