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The Morning Edition starts your day with breaking news, issues and water cooler talk

Join host Stefani Langenegger of The Morning Edition and start your day with breaking news, issues and water cooler talk from across Saskatchewan and around the world. 

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Meet The Morning Edition team


Stefani Langenegger - Host

Follow: @SLangeneggerCBC

Stefani grew up on the family farm, which is where her dad first taught her to recognize 'bull'.

She's been putting that to good use as a reporter at CBC Saskatchewan for more than two decades, including many years as Saskatchewan's legislative reporter.

Stefani has degrees in political science and journalism from the University of Regina.

She loves animals, belly laughs and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Janani Whitfield is a Producer with CBC Radio's The Morning Edition. (CBC)

Janani Whitfield - Producer

Follow: @WhitfieldJanani

Growing up constantly scribbling stories, Janani would eventually turn her love of writing and storytelling into a career with CBC Saskatchewan. Starting off as a journalist, Janani's passion and dedication would soon lead her to becoming Producer of The Morning Edition.

She loves her job because she gets to talk to fascinating strangers and people doing great things locally while getting to know many of the everyday heroes who continue to make our community better.

Outside of work, she calls Regina home with her husband, three children - and one cat with a contempt for all the humans in their home.

Ted Deller. (CBC)

Ted Deller- Newsreader

Follow: @TDellerCBC

Ted has been interested in broadcasting, it seems, ever since he made his first shoebox-and-paper towel-tube video camera as a farm boy near Shoal Lake, Man.

After heading off to Brandon University and pursuing a political science degree, Ted joined the real broadcast world working both in TV and radio.

He is the anchor and editor of our morning newscasts, but he's also called upon to fill in as host of The Morning Edition on occasion, and we make good use of his other alpha-geek skills as well! Ted enjoys fine food, fine wine, and taking simulated flights in the A320 cockpit in his spare room.

Chris Haynes - Associate Producer/Technician

Follow: @ChooChooBoom​

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Chris has been playing with audio recorders, microphones and mixers ever since elementary school. He holds a degree in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Brought up on a steady diet of CBC Radio as a child he's made public broadcasting his career. He's helped produce many documentaries, dramas, concerts and special programs over the past twenty some years.

Peter Mills - Associate Producer

Follow: @TweeterMillsCBC

Peter knows Highway 11 as well as anyone in Saskatchewan.

Peter was born in Regina, grew up in Saskatoon, moved back to Regina for journalism school, moved back to Saskatoon for work, and moved back to Regina for work again. His return to Saskatoon is TBD.

Peter has worked at CBC Saskatchewan for seven years in a variety of roles, but that list is too long for a bio.

He loves getting out of the office to tell stories on everything from the Saskatchewan Roughriders to the giant hole on Albert Street and Victoria Avenue.

Samanda Brace - Associate Producer

Follow: @BraceSamanda 

After a failed attempt at following in Nancy Drew's footsteps, Samanda decided journalism was as close as she would get to being an amateur sleuth. 

She attended the School of Journalism at the University of Regina, which lead to an internship at CBC Saskatchewan. 

She's been an associate producer on various programs for four years but this night owl landed a permanent spot on The Morning Edition and now has to get up at the crack of dawn most days.

When she's not at work, Samanda likes exploring new cities, singing Twist and Shout at a local karaoke bar, or binge-watching cooking shows.

Joelle Seal - Associate Producer

Follow: @joelleseal 

Joelle is happily waking up with the early crew on the Morning Edition, bringing the people of her home province all the stories they need to start their day.

Joelle's love of a good story first led her to completing a bachelor's degree in history at the University of Regina. That love of storytelling -- combined with a passion for writing and a good conversation -- compelled her to pursue a career in journalism. She completed a Masters of Journalism at the University of Regina with a focus on reporting on environmental issues in Saskatchewan. She began an internship at CBC during her time at the School of Journalism in 2016 working in various roles, and became a permanent fixture of the Morning Edition team in 2018.