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Meet 5 more 2016 Future 40 winners

Meet five more amazing CBC Saskatchewan Future 40 winners: Jack Saddleback, Janz Stein, Caitlin Glencross, Jackie Straub and John Thimothy.

CBC Saskatchewan is unveiling 2016's winners all week on radio, TV and online

Meet five more amazing CBC Saskatchewan Future 40 winners: (clockwise from bottom right) Jack Saddleback, Jackie Straub, Janz Stein, John Thimothy and Caitlin Glencross. (Photos submitted to CBC News)

From an incredibly determined athlete to a groundbreaking activist, this group of CBC Saskatchewan Future 40 winners proves Saskatchewan is where it is at.

From Monday to Thursday, March 14-17, CBC Saskatchewan will be announcing five winners each morning and evening. 

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The submissions below are written by the nominators. 

Here are five more Future 40 winners of 2016:

Jack Saddleback

Age: 26

Category: Community/Social Activism/Volunteerism

(Submitted by Caroline Cottrell)

Jack Saddleback, 26, entered student politics when he became a volunteer for the University of Saskatchewan Students' Union five years ago. Since then, Saddleback has spent two years as the Pride Centre coordinator, a year as Vice President of Student Affairs, and one year as President.

Saddleback is a remarkable advocate for undergraduate students, transgender people, those struggling with mental health issues and for victims of sexual assault. 

Saddleback has done all of this while sitting as a member of the University of Saskatchewan's Board of Governors, working with University Students' Council and other student leaders across campus.

He's also been called upon to present at conferences, accept speaking engagements and work with innumerable grassroots organizations.

Janz Stein

Age: 34

Category: Sports/Recreation

Janz Stein, 34, is a well-rounded athlete and role model who represents perseverance, strength and overcoming life struggles by living life to the fullest. (Submitted by Shana Pasapa)

Janz Stein, 34, is a well-rounded athlete and role model who represents perseverance, strength and overcoming life struggles by living life to the fullest. 

He has many accomplishments such as earning his black belt in jiu jitsu, successfully competing in world jiu jitsu championships, carrying a Pro MMA record of 3-0. He believes in giving back and has served as a head wrestling coach in high schools, helping athletes reach a national level. 

On September 10, 2011, Stein's life was changed when he was involved in an accident resulting in years of pain and a final decision to remove his limb below the knee. Through his stubborn desire to succeed and his excellent condition prior to the accident, Stein began to walk on his prosthetic leg. But he refused to stop there. He trains for the Paralympics in track and has had amazing coaches and support along the way, helping him to succeed. 

Stein is now training for the Paralympics in Brazil for Summer 2016. He is also a jiu jitsu instructor for CompleteMMA and business owner of T-D-Dump Hauling Inc.

Caitlin Glencross

Age: 28

Category: Community/Social Activism/Volunteerism

Caitlin Glencross opened The Lighthouse in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, in January 2015. (Submitted by Greg Glencross)

Caitlin Glencross opened The Lighthouse serving The Battlefords in January 2015, in North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

Caitlin is the general manager of the emergency facility that houses men, women, and children, including an area for those under the influence. Previously, The Battlefords did not have this service. Caitlin dove right into helping the Battleford community and participating in several community safety initiatives.

Caitlin started a community meal program at The Lighthouse that feeds those in need three times a day. This program receives no funding, and it runs on community donations. Although she has only been here a short time, the impact she has made on this community is enormous.

Caitlin continues to advocate for proper core funding for homeless shelters, and ensuring all Saskatchewan residents have a safe place to go. Caitlin is also an active foster parent, and adopted three children from Sweet Grass First Nation.

Jackie Straub

Age: 32

Category: Business/Entrepreneurship

Jackie Straub is the epitome of what a small business owner and entrepreneur should be. She has been and continues to be at the forefront of Regina downtown restaurants. (Dave Straub)

Jackie Straub is the epitome of what a small business owner and entrepreneur should be. She has been and continues to be at the forefront of Regina downtown restaurants. 

In collaboration with her partners, she has opened and currently runs three businesses in Regina. Restaurants Flip Eatery & Drink and Malt City are emerging as leaders in the restaurant industry and Salt Food Boutique sells wholesale specialty meats to numerous businesses in the city. She is also a member of the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District board of directors.

On top of all of these accomplishments Jackie is studying to become a yoga instructor. Previous to becoming an entrepreneur Jackie worked in mental health with the Phoenix Residential Society. Jackie is a leader of the next generation of business people in our province.

John Thimothy

Age: 26

Category: Arts/Culture/Entertainment

John Thimothy is a 26-year-old actor and playwright from India. (Supplied )

John Thimothy, the 26-year-old founder of the Regina International Film Festival and Awards (RIFFA), is an actor and playwright originally from India.

He moved to Regina three years ago and quickly realized something was missing. He strongly felt the city should have a grandiose, international film festival, bigger than Regina has ever seen, where local people, as well as those from afar, could attend a phenomenal event without having to travel all the way to Cannes or Toronto. And so the idea for the RIFFA was born.

He is also a great advocate and supporter of mental health initiatives. He has created a mental health program in RIFFA called HOPE, investing an initial donation of $10,000 from his personal finances.

HOPE is a one-of-a-kind occupational film/entertainment community therapy program, created to help individuals living with mental health challenges heal and cope through the power of artistic/cinematic expression.

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