Cat yoga gets participants into the purrrfect poses in Saskatoon

The Saskatoon SPCA held two special yoga classes on Sunday that featured a litter of kittens

The event raised money for the the Saskatoon SPCA

Cat yoga participant Danae Nguyen says the class was easy enough you could concentrate on the kittens. (CBC)

A set of yoga classes in Saskatoon has brought new meaning to cat pose.

On Sunday, around 40 people attended a yoga class featuring some special guests — seven, weeks-old kittens.

It was all part of a fundraiser held at Ground Yoga by the Saskatoon SPCA, aptly called, Cats on Mats.

The weeks-old kittens roamed around the room as their mother watched on. (CBC)

"It was phenomenal," said participant Danae Nguyen.

"It takes all the pressure off of performing yoga and just enjoying the class."

Both classes sold out Sunday, with all registration fees being donated to the SPCA. Organization assistant coordinator Jasmine Hanson said the event's aim was to bring awareness to just how many kittens are available for adoption. It was also a chance for the felines to socialize a bit more.

"We had one woman that had a kitten in her arms, just kind of cradling him as she did her child's pose and he was there for a good 10 minutes," she said.

Both fundraiser classes sold-out. (CBC)

Nguyen said Sunday's class was easy enough that participants could dote on the kittens while they roamed around the room, tickling peoples' feet, while their mother lazed about on a nearby mat. The kittens are currently being fostered by families in the city.

Participants also brought feathers and other cat toys to the event, as was encouraged by organizers.

With files from Guy Quenneville