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Cars on lawns: Your right or just a blight?

A City of Regina crackdown on people who park on their lawns or have too many cars in the driveway is stirring up a heated debate on social media.

Regina is cracking down on people who park too many vehicles on their property

The City of Regina has tweaked its rules to crack down on people who park illegally on lawns and front yards. (Aldo Columpsi/CBC)

A City of Regina crackdown on people who park on their lawns or have too many cars in the driveway is stirring up a heated debate on social media.

Based on a preliminary survey of comments, it appears many people support city council after it tweaked the rules to allow more vigorous enforcement of the parking rules.

Some others, however, think it's the homeowners right to park on their own property wherever they want. 

The ones that are scarring the landscape are the ones we're most concerned about.- Brian Black, Whitmore Park Community Association president

Brian Black, president of the Whitmore Park Community Association, is in favour of the crackdown and believes only the worst offenders will be targeted.

"The ones that are scarring the landscape are the ones we're most concerned about," he said.

Here's a sampling of opinions from CBC Saskatchewan's Facebook page.

Shaun McIntire: "Just because you own property doesn't mean you can do whatever you want with it. Not only does parking your junk heap on your lawn depreciate the value of your neighbour's property, it's an environmental concern as well."
Angela Lockhart: "Finally!!! Because it looks crappy and lowers property values."

Sebastian Cooper: "Sorry rednecks."

Donna Marie Littlemore: "How about all the people who park with two wheels up on the sidewalk, making it impossible for two people to walk? The parking enforcement van drove past us tonight and ignored no fewer than three of these vehicles. We saw at least eight on a 30 minute walk."

Krystin Ashley: "Why would you be ticketed for parking on your own property?"

Mirta Fonseca: We pay so much freaking taxes and they come regulate where I can park or not? [It's] OK for hoarding or clutter, but [I'll] park wherever I want, [it] is my house."

Alli Allen: "I think some people are in situations where many people share one home because there is a lack of affordable housing. So really, this bylaw is just another thing making it difficult to be poor in our city."

Ashley Krefting: "Sounds like a money grab to me."

Try our survey on the lawn parking controversy.

The City has provided a guide to permitted and prohibited parking spots on your property.


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