'A lot of frustration here': Regina mayor wants legislation to prevent another Capital Pointe situation

Michael Fougere says if there isn’t a plan of action in place by the end of the month, the city will take action to have the hole filled.
Fortress Real Developments had previously said construction on the project is supposed to reach ground level by September 2018. (Craig Edwards/CBC)

Regina mayor Michael Fougere says he is planning on speaking with the province about legislation that would give the city more power to hurry a project along or terminate it, even if the delays at the downtown Capital Pointe site are unusual.

"We've learned that we need new tools in the toolbox to help us spur this along," he said Monday on CBC Radio's The Morning Edition.

"We'll be talking to the province about legislative changes to ensure that when we have a proposal come forward like this, they actually will build it."

Earlier this month, the city said it would take legal action to have the gaping hole on the corner of Albert Street and Victoria Avenue filled if the property owner, Fortress Real Developments, did not have a plan in place to resume construction by the end of March.

Fougere reiterated that statement. He said the city's patience is running out.

"We understand economic conditions can change but this has been lagging behind and it's a bit of an eyesore that's there," he said.

'Not the shining example of development'

Fougere said that while the property owner has a right to develop the land, that right should be preserved within reason.

"It's not the shining example of development. I really think that if you listen to what other members of council have said and what I've said, there's a lot of frustration here."

Fortress Real Developments says the project is 'winterized' at the moment. (CBC News)

In a statement made March 15, Regina's director of development services Louise Folk confirmed the property has around $50,000 in unpaid taxes from 2017. She said a lien would be placed against the property if the taxes aren't paid.

With files from Stephanie Taylor and CBC Radio's The Morning Edition